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February 08, 2009


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Man I'm going to miss this tour :(


We love you guys! It was a truly awesome experience, seeing you guys here in Seattle. Come back soon!


Great show in LA, loved it. Wish you guys the best as I keep my fingers crossed for another album!


Sounds like it was so awesome. I hope I get the opportunity to see you guys live one day...but until then, farewell our dear fictional family.


5 years? psh. haha

Great show in L.A. I'm going to miss you guys. I might go to the one in March though...


Glad I was able to witness this lovely musical history.

Greg Mann

Well, thanks for the tunes FF! It's a great album and I'm looking foreward to the next FF even if it takes another five years. Fiction Family For Life!!:)

Matt Huffine

Wow, last night was great... so much talent on the Largo at the Cornet stage... What a great memory... Molly, what can I say a fresh face and you rock... thanks for making those promotional CD available... got one and love it... Expect to hear more from you all... rest your voices, fingers, hearts, voices and souls, God has more in store for you and all of us... let Him sing through your eyes... put off all resistance... Matt


Portland.... mother's.... thats it?

You guys did an amazing show at the Aladdin theatre, me and my girlfriend really enjoyed it :)

btw, I was the dude who attempted to help Jon when Sean's stuff stopped working and I STARTED HEY JUDE :)

PS my attached site is my band site, feel free to look at it if you care :)


applauding. thanks for coming to Chicago even though we are meterologically challenged. will never forget the night at the Abbey. good times.

vaya con dios, gentlemen, wherever you roam. pax et bonum. and don't let it be five years before you work together again.... because your whole is more than the sum of the parts.

julie, chicago

Linda O

OH NO! I'm just finding out about you! Posted your video on my facebook page! Come to Dallas!! And don't wait 5 years!!!


I can't help but notice a common theme here....food?


lol. @ erin - guys like food. seriously. at parties or whatever? girls talk and guys eat. (actually, guys both talk AND eat sometimes. it's kinda crazy. you'd think that they'd be eating, making "wow, this is good food" grunts, and glancing at each other occasionally. but no. they eat and actually hold conversations! amazing.)

the tour was great. i'm so glad that you guys did it. the fiction family CD is a jewel, and i'm positive that anything else you guys make in the future will be an equally stunning jewel. best wishes. :)


Yeah, I'm a foodie too. :)

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