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January 14, 2009


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heheh. oh snow cream. how i love thee. only...we actually make it with maple syrup...canadian thing, i suppose. (along with our beavertails and igloos, and such..eh?)

shmee. ice cream. *loves*. 'nuff said.


glad the shows are coming together! hope you're all having a grand time.


The show tonight had a nice vibe--regardless of the fact that the songs were new to us we were feeling them. "We Ride"--amazing! Nothing like an evening of excellent new music in a cozy, gorgeous venue on a cold night.

Your "family" sounds like ours--driving around in the freezing cold in a broken down van. Appropriate. Thanks for taking the time from your busy schedules to throw this thing together--it was as fun for us as it looked like for you.


I was at the Grand Rapids show and may I just say...WOW! The concert was amazing and had such depth of musicality and talent! I had such a great time-even though I wanted to get up and dance! In the Calvinist world, no! Thank you so much for sharing your music and I will be following your success!
One down side, I wanted to purchase a CD but apparently did not run fast enough to the "merch" table. Is there a way I can get one?
Much love-Sarah


Okay this was about the best show I have seen in years. I didn't know one song (except for the solo interludes) but I bought the CD and listened to it all the way home. "We Ride" was really good. The vocal hook is unreal. Sean's new song "For the Sender" - you were right - it sent chills (not that being zero degrees outside helped) - the theater was really nice and "fit" the songs well. The entire atmosphere was super. For those who haven't seen the show yet I STRONGLY urge you to go. What a nice time, thanks and be safe out on the road!


By the way, I am not completely sure, but I think you played an Arcade Fire song - anyone who went can verify this, because I don't really know their music all that much.


Grrreg - I heard they played "Keep the Car Running" ... Arcade Fire.


grrrreg - I believe the song was "Keep the Car Running"... Arcade Fire


Yeah that was it. I didn't know the song but it really fit the entire set perfectly.

rachel from vermont

hahaha i have an undying love for ice cream too. although right now its so cold, i'd rather something hot.

lisa- yeah! 'sugar on snow'. but it tastes better with vermont syrup and vermont snow. lol


I'll be at the Abbey in Chicago tonight. Can't wait.


1st. mmmmmm. shakes. what's your favorite?

2nd. the red roof inn. awesome.

3rd. glad it's coming together y'all. we're still gonna be praying for ya in your travels. be safe, warm and always blessed. :)


that's my favorite arcade fire song. i hope you guys keep playing it.


that sounds so exciting Jon! I wish I were there! :)


dude..that show was awesome :] it was SSOOOO worth waiting in line for like 3 hours


Thanks so much for coming through G-Rap! You guys were phenomenal and one of my favorite shows in a long, long time. Long live Fiction Family!!

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