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February 03, 2009


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sweet. thanks, andy.


Seattle DOES rule.


Seattle is the best city in the US of A.


we're holding you to that.


I simply concur with the above assertions regarding Seattle's greatness :D I spoke to aaron about how gorgeous it is, hope you all enjoyed the view of the mountains! (While playing at the Mountain.. haha ;) )


Yes, Seattle DOES rock. Come back soon. :D Best show EVER.


You guys rocked last night! Jon, if I wasn't compelling enough before, PLEASE come back sooner next time, and come visit us up in the City of Subdued Excitement. (yes, that is actually our town motto. No joke.)Sweet thrift stores await. I won't hold you guys to that though; as a native Washingtonian I know firsthand how depressing our gray-on-gray decor can be in the winter. But hey, at least this time there wasn't record flooding!

Thanks again for an awesome evening chock-full of meaningful music and conversations. Let's do it again sometime.


the show was epic. you mentioned one of your songs being like "spiritual rain"...i think the concert itself ministered to me like "spiritual sunshine". thank you for having the courage to write, to be vulnerable with your words and musicianship and for sharing your gifts with us.

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