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January 16, 2009


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Aw, guys, bummer re the vehicle (and stabbing!). Don't think the worse of Chi just because our weather bites. We have warm hearts anyhow. That was a great set at the Abbey, both the FicFamily songs and the Sean/Jon solos. Am loving the CD... "When She's Near" is apparently my earworm of the month, also loving "Closer Than You Think," "We Ride,""Mostly Prove Me Wrong." Sean/Jon it was lovely to have a few secs to chat, also -- keep doing what you're doing, you have such a nice vibe together, beautiful vocal blend. Finally Jon, hope I didn't freak u out too much w/my midlife manifesto, mom-hug -- your music has meant a lot to me, it was great to have a chance to thank you. A close friend had a massive stroke last week, age 49 -- it all emphasized to me once again how transient and fragile it all is -- and I've resolved to be better at speaking what's in my heart, because who knows how many chances there will be? (So you were the 'lucky' beneficiary :-) Keep rolling, have great shows, will pray that the van issues just stop plaguing you so you can concentrate on the music. vaya con dios to you all... julie, chicago


ironically enough, i've been stabbed in the ear with a coat hanger while trying to break into a running car that was locked.


Did you play "Keep the Car Running" again last night? Oh, the irony if you did.... :). Stay warm and keep having fun!

david bechtel

hey...so who was that amazing drummer that played with you at your amazing show last night...he totally tore it up...i want to find a way to make him my brother...not sure if that's really possible...but he was amazing at any rate...


*makes a mental note not to get to close jon when he's got a coat hanger*

lol jk jk


I'm so glad to hear that spirits are high even though it seems like *something* is trying to keep you down. Nothing quite like a good heart to see through the rain. :) Keep on keepin' on y'all. Still praying for safe ventures. *high fives all around* peace and love.


Car troubles have a way of bringing people together... or ripping them apart, but we won't talk about that. The glass is half full today!


Normally c4 can get you into cars!


Hey Jon. I think I ran into you in the bathroom at The Union in Naperville. We remarked about how it smelled like fish.

Apologies for not recognizing you; I'm far more used to hearing you singing, and this is honestly the first time I've ever seen you. Or your picture. :-D

If this happened, it's not the first time. I wondered aloud who MercyMe was in front of their lead singer. Anyways, have a wonderful rest of your tour, and I look forward to listening to your CD in the morning!

Carol Stream, IL


Morgantown is -3 degrees right now so I can only imagine how bad Chi is...can't wait til sunday!

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